Fuel Good Day 2024
May 31, 2024

Are you a local charity or non-profit organization looking for funds?
Apply now for our Fuel Good Day 2024 Funds!

Application Deadline — June 16, 2024

Fuel Good Day is on Tuesday, September 17.

10 cents for every litre of fuel sold at our gas bar locations that day will be donated to local groups! The successful applicants will also be expected to host a fundraising barbecue that day.

Preference will be given to social services and advocacy, health, recreation, environment, or youth.

As a guideline you must:

  • Support local community initiatives
  • Be provincially registered as a charity or non-profit organization
  • Not be a religious or politically affiliated organization, individual sport team, or individual sport-related event (ex: golf tournament)

Click HERE for an online application form OR submit a detailed email with the following to marketing@beeland.crs:

  • Provincial charity or non-profit name and registration number
  • Contact person and contact information
  • A short description of what the donated funds will be used for
  • A description of what your local charity or non-profit group does within the community